Where to go for wellness? To the beer spa!

Are you wondering where to go for a little relaxation and have you thought of some wellness? Here are 5 reasons and our exceptional specifics why you should visit our wellness. 😊 

  • Our premises are more than 100 years old historic cellars. But that doesn't mean we don't move with the times! Modernism in the basement sounds like a plan!
  • In addition to wellness (Finnish and steam sauna, whirlpool, relaxation room, experience shower, Kneipp bath), we will also bathe you in a bath - and not just any bath, but a beer bath! What makes us special is that each bath has its own privacy. That means no one will see you 😊
  • But at the same time, we can connect the baths and all 4 of our baths can be opened up to create a place for group beer baths. Ideal for a larger group, family...
  • And in the spa, you can enjoy a full 60 minutes with a relaxing lounger, all in privacy, depending on your preference. You don't have to go anywhere - everything, including the tap, is literally at your fingertips.
  • For the beer bath we use live fresh yeast directly from our brewery Zlatá kráva.
  • During the bath, you can hydrate yourself unlimitedly - and not only through your skin, but also from a pint! Right next to the bathtub is a tap with our 12-degree lager. Consumption is unlimited 😊 
  • Hygiene is very important to us - our bathtubs are stainless steel, insulated, only the linings are wooden, so our beer baths are as clean as possible. 
  • The tubs have a light switch and a button to allow hot water. So you can control the backlight and water supply as you wish.

So, are you coming? 😊